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The IBTS Method / Difference

Rooted in 30 years of federal housing experience supporting manufacturing, observing post disaster housing performance, managing commercial facility recovery and delivery, IBTS created the unique IBTS quality method—a process extended past the Deming method, Six Sigma concept, and the ideas of other giants in the quality field.

approvedIBTS is a thought leader in the quality field.  IBTS offers demonstrated credentials delivering value along the added dimensions of asset value and lifecycle performance—Investment Grade Quality AssuranceTM.

The company’s innovative use of emerging quality processes from sources like Deming and Juran combined with a lifecycle driven view of quality performance of the corporation and the productive employee spanning decades in housing resulted in the 7 IBTS Quality Questions:

  • What is the responsibility of the employee? (SCOPE)
  • How is the work performed? (PROCESS/PROCEDURE/TOOLS)
  • What are the results? (DELIVERABLES)
  • What are the performance metrics? (MEASURES)
  • How are results measured? (ROUTINE QUALITY)
  • How is work accounted for? (REPORTING)
  • How do you protect the value of the result? (ASSET PROTECTION)


IBTS Quality Infrastructure

Managing our QA Network:

  • IBTS operates a national network of inspectors throughout the 50 states.
  • IBTS assures capability with national training and skills certification.
  • IBTS sets rigorous standards and processes assuring consistent reliable results.

FITQA Technology, Management, and Depth:

  • IBTS manages millions of records for federal, state, and local agencies.
  • IBTS meets industry standard security and reliability for all data.
  • IBTS provides data collection and data access anytime anywhere.
  • IBTS offers over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, project, and process quality management for federal, state, municipal, and commercial quality management
  • IBTS has the world’s largest team of ICC code professionals on staff.
  • IBTS maintains a team of professional engineers, registered architects, industry standard certifications, quality certifications, etc. unmatched by other organizations.

QA Training:

  • The IBTS QA offers NABCEP Certification and is trained in Code and building science proficiencies.
  • IBTS provides BPI, Resnet, and ICC Mastercode professionals, registered architects, and professional engineers.

QA Independence

  • IBTS oversees training with an independent quality team for all projects and assignments.


Why IBTS Quality Assurance ManagementQAS


  • 30+ years of National quality experience overseeing manufacturing processes and lifecycle performance of manufactured housing.
  • 20+ years of National post disaster quality review of housing and commercial structure performance for flood and wind damage.
  • National breadth reviewing 10s of thousands of homes energy retrofit performance focusing on:
    • Workmanship and training factors,
    • Administrative and management factors,
    • Specification delivery

QA Independence:

  • IBTS is not a manufacturer.
  • IBTS is a 501.3C Not for Profit company.
  • IBTS is not a traditional consulting management company.
  • IBTS maintains a standalone QA organization.
  • IBTS includes QA in every task the company pursues.


  • IBTS extends QA to assure lifecycle performance.  Many energy, infrastructure, and building projects offer asset value based on performance over decades.  IBTS’ offers a unique understanding for continuous QA for these projects over the course of time.
  • IBTS extends QA to assure asset value by:
    • Collecting and maintaining the required credentials and approval of the contractors.
    • Collecting and maintaining project data like permits, bills of materials, as built drawings, appraisals, leases, etc.

Approaching QA as a risk mitigation component as well as a performance component using the unique IBTS quality method.



IBTS Solar QA Advantage

FITAs a national solar company, challenges are great.  Contractor quality issues can destroy reputations with communities, cripple installation, undermine power production, and undermine financability.  QA aimed at shedding risk, protecting margins, and burnishing consumer and community satisfaction are goals demanding balanced delivery.

IBTS’ offers the practical solution to these competing demands by:

  • Offering a national network of inspectors required to maintain certifications on our automated training and certification tracking tools,
  • Offering a proprietary Field Inspection Technology (F.I.T.) delivering comprehensive assessment data and image documentation in real time customized to user needs.
  • Delivering a disinterested QA review designed to reduce installation risk, increase lifecycle performance, and if desired to maintain lifecycle asset information and value with long term storage of leases, appraisals, bill of materials, install specification and drawings, permits, contractor install certifications, and contractor selection criteria and acceptance scores.
    • Assure delivery consistency,
    • Reduce performance risk,
    • Assure asset verification ability,
    • Reduce liability risk


Smooth the road to local community or government approval.


IBTS Solar QA Field Services

O2KSolar Installer Vetting:  IBTS services vet potential solar partners through on site visits to verify quality of work.

Solar Installation Inspection Services:  

  • Electrical Code Compliance
  • Structural
  • Roof Penetration
  • Production (orientation, shading)
  • Installation per design
  • System Performance

Solar Plan Review:  IBTS provides a variety of outsourced solar plan review and engineering services.  Our engineers provide these services for building departments across the country.  Rather than building out your own internal capacity at considerablew expense, leverage IBTS resources and achieve the scale you need out of the box.

Solar Building Department Services:  IBTS navigates you and your partners navigate through the complexities of solar permitting processes. We can represent you and your partners through sitting for building department inspections, so you don't have to, and through plan review prior to receiving a permit.

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