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IBTS is the national resource for information related to manufactured housing.

The Federal Construction and Safety Standards program is implemented through two major regulations: (1) 24 CFR 3280, which is a nationally preemptive set of standards for the design and construction of these homes (commonly known in this industry as the HUD Code) and (2) 24 CFR 3282, which governs the code enforcement. The homes built under this program vary extensively and as such provide unsubsidized, affordable housing for many families, and has represented up to one third of all new single family homes annually. Over eight million manufactured homes have been built since 1976, and the overall quality and safety of manufactured homes has continued to improve. 

IBTS Delivers Actionable Information for Informed Decision Making

IBTS is the contract monitoring agent for the Federal Manufactured Housing Program. Among specific duties to administer the program, IBTS is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and analyzing certain data. This data includes home and floor production, fee collections, certification label usage, Data Plate information, design and inspection information and other monitoring data. IBTS uses this information for the monitoring and annual assessment of the business processes and procedures of the manufacturers, third party agencies and state government agencies that participate in the Federal program. 

IBTS delivers the following monitoring activities:

  • Oversight plan/design/document reviews of approved designs
  • Quality audits and inspections at manufactured home production facilities to determine how well agency personnel are performing
  • Compilation, reporting, and maintenance of certification label usage and records
  • Collection of label fees and disbursement of payments to State governments
  • Conduct Cooperative Management Assessments of the state agency operations.
  • Annual assessments on DAPIA, IPIA, and SAA performance
  • Recommendations to improve performance or take enforcement actions.


IBTS Verifies Manufactured Home Certification Labels and Provides Data Plate Information

IBTS assists brokers, homeowners, appraisers, etc. to verify the following information on manufactured homes:

  • Label Number
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Name of the Manufacturer
  • Type of Home (single versus multi-section)
  • Location of First Shipment

This verification can be requested online or via fax, for a nominal service fee.

IBTS Provides the Essential Resources on Manufactured Housing

IBTS offers several publications to assist inspection agencies, units of state and local government, home builders, and other parties interested in the national regulatory compliance program for manufactured home construction. The availability of these documents to the public promotes full transparency for the program and can allow for better quality homes with reduced risks from non-compliances. You can order publications online (insert link) or by mail. These resources include:

  • Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (24 CFR 3280)
  • Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations (24 CFR 3282)
  • Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards (24 CFR 3285)
  • Manufactured Housing Installation Rules and Regulations (24 CFR 3286)
  • Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution (24 CFR 3288)
  • National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act.
  • Computer Coded Items (CCI) Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Investigation and Reporting of Quality System Issues (QSI)
  • SAA Guidebook


Customized Education and Training Programs to Increase Understanding and Compliance

A clear, uniform understanding of these requirements and issues among members of the manufactured home building industry is important to improve compliance and to reduce potential conflicts among builders, installers, consumers and code officials. Some violations and failures to conform recur as a result of requirements being misunderstood, misapplied, or because of government changes. IBTS offers training to all industry sectors around the country to prevent recurring safety hazards and to improve uniformity of practice while facilitating economic development.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing ongoing training programs to Federal, state and local government Building Officials, Plan Reviewers, Inspectors and other industry professionals, our Trainers have learned the value of creating a professional, highly interactive classroom environment, with excellent training materials participants can carry away with them and use for future reference. Continuing education isn't just about what happens in a classroom session. Its success can only be measured by what participants take away with them and continue to use on the job.

IBTS can provide customized education and training services developed and delivered by experienced speakers, facilitators, and trainers who are certified in various technical disciplines, and have extensive field and classroom experience. IBTS Trainers use home study guides, presentations, hands-on training, and case studies to increase the learning value from the training seminars. IBTS training is recognized as a continuing education credit by many organizations and states. IBTS training comes with recognition by organizations across the United States.

IBTS can deliver training on standards, regulations, and installation program requirements encompassing:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Development of custom training materials
  • Subject testing
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Meeting Room/Classroom Training - Small or Large Groups
  • Onsite Field Training
  • Web/Distance Education


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