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Energy Savings Performance Contracting

While Energy Savings Performance Contracts have seen a tremendous growth over the past 10 years due to the advancement of energy efficient technology , financing options and government initiatives they are still considered widely untapped resources for government owned buildings.  Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC or ESC) are a progressive approach to reducing energy usage in municipal, university, school , and hospital system (MUSH) buildings thus reducing cost to taxpayers. This process consist of replacing outdated, inefficient building components such as light fixtures and HVAC mechanical systems with new, efficient systems and using the energy cost savings to pay for the upgrades over time. Typically, there are no out of pocket expenses for the building owner, as there are a variety of government and private resources to fund the upfront improvement costs.   Vehicle check

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Solar Quality Assurance

IBTS is a leading provider of Investment Grade Quality Assurance services to public and private sector clients for the past 35 years.   As a nonprofit organization, it is our goal to provide Quality Assurance services to our private and government partners to ensure reliability, production and safety of installed systems, increase local jurisdiction and utility responsiveness, and provide overall support to enhance the renewable energy industry growth. With a national footprint, IBTS can be your partner to ensure quality installation, code compliance, and evaluate performance metrics such as insulation, orientation, and shading.  IBTS has a network of trained inspectors utilizing advanced tablet based inspection technology that means you get reliable data and photographs in a format that is easy to manage. 

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Enhancing Environmental Stewardship

IBTS enables the implementation of sound, cost-effective energy management and investment practices to enhance the nation's energy security and environmental stewardship – for federal, state, and local government clients.  IBTS supports government and private sector needs by providing services with a purposeful combination of public sector accountability and private sector flexibility.

Our clients meet compliance directives in a cost-efficient manner while enhancing the workplace environment by leveraging IBTS industry and policy knowledge.  IBTS understands compliance requirements and how they differ for government agencies, at all levels, and for industry. Our clients find us reliable, responsive, flexible, and client-focused.  

Investment Grade Quality Assurance

Investment Grade QA is a complete quality management system designed to support risk management and asset value enhancement associated with the needs of stakeholder energy goals.  Investment Grade QA was developed as an integrated technology and process platform to collect source data, reduce the variability of observations, and enable and automate a set of metrics specific to a defined goal.  Investment Grade QA can help deliver more consistent outcomes for consumers, lenders, utilities, and other stakeholder agencies.  IBTS Investment-Grade QA is consistent, accurate and reliable. It is scalable, cost effective, and national in reach and scope. 
IBTS has conducted and is currently conducting QA and compliance monitoring services for multiple agencies, including:

  • Departments of Housing and Urban Development
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • State government departments in the States of Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia  
  • Counties, Municipalities and local Jurisdictions 
  • Various Industry and Trade Association Nonprofits such as BPI, RESNET and ABAA 


Building Envelope Inspections and Testing

The building envelope design and maintenance is essential to the life-cycle cost, energy performance, HVAC loading and indoor air quality of a building system.  IBTS can perform the following services for new or existing buildings:

    • Building Envelope Audits
    • Large Building Air Leakage Test per Army Corps of Engineers Standard Protocol
    • Thermal Infrared Imaging Diagnostics
    • Air Barrier Association of America Quality Audits
    • Building Envelope Commissioning
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ testing)
    • LEED Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control Testing
    • WUFI Analysis - Heat and Moisture Building Envelope Modeling


Additional Services

    • Energy Efficiency Program Management
    • Energy Code Compliance Training and Inspections
    • LEED Professional Services
    • Energy Audits
    • Independent Verification and Validation (IVV)
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Demand side management and utility rebate services
    • EISA Compliance


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