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Building Code Compliance for Military Construction

MILCON - Enhanced Use Leasing - Military Housing

Military construction projects are unique in that they are not under the legal jurisdiction of any local government, and so do not receive the oversight of a traditional building department. At the same time, it is in the best interest of all parties to see that these developments get appropriate independent oversight to be on par with similar developments in their respective localities. IBTS specializes in providing this service. As a not-for-profit government service organization, we are able to provide private sector flexibility with governmental credibility through the combination of our qualifications, experience, and unique corporate structure.

IBTS employs over 120 certified building code professionals, engineers, architects and project management professionals. Formed specifically to provide governmental agencies and their industry partners' unbiased professional services, IBTS is proud to support our Military Families and Defense Communities.

IBTS Services

Our primary services are similar to those of a local building department, but go far beyond that in scope. We can provide code consultation during design, conduct thorough plan reviews, issue compliance verification to begin construction, conduct in-progress inspections to verify work in place compliance, and issue certificates of occupancy. Additionally, we can provide Quality Assurance (Owner's Representative) services as requested. These services are usually considered part of the Construction Management (CM) portion of the project, but are a natural extension of our basic compliance offering. We enjoy a superior reputation for timely, accurate reporting and a unique "team approach" to independent third party oversight.

Plan Review: IBTS's Plan Reviewers provide expedited review and consultation based upon relevant, applicable codes, including local amendments. Our standard review is a two-part process designed to eliminate errors before the final plans are completed. This interim step reduces the time required to gain approval.

Building Inspection: IBTS's Field Inspectors provide "heads up" observations to clients and production staffs, alerting them to potential issues before they become compliance problems. By reducing the number of failed and repeated inspections, we help to improve production schedules, budget conformance and project success for all parties.

  • Military Housing Specialists
  • International Code Council Certified Building Plan Reviewers and Inspectors
  • Governmental Credibility/Private Sector Efficiency
  • Team Oriented Program Management
  • Third Party Independent Oversight
  • "Heads Up" Observations Provided
  • Nationwide Capability
  • Washington D.C. Based/Local Point Of Contact
  • Expedited 2-Phase Plan Review Process
  • Accurate & Timely On-Demand Inspections and Reporting
  • All Discipline Site/Civil/Vertical/ENERGY STAR Services
  • 24/7 Electronic Access to Reports
  • Occupancy Certification
  • Smart Growth


Types of Inspections Performed

Building Vertical Inspections

Inspection NumberGeneral Inspections Performed
1. Ground Works (Prior to concrete) Steel Reinforcement or Formwork
Foundation Inspection
Under Floor Plumbing Inspection
2. Framing/MEP Close-In Concrete Slab or Under Floor
Shear Wall Fastening and Hold-Downs
Framing Inspection
Roof Decking Inspection
Rough Electrical Inspection
Rough Mechanical Inspection
Low Voltage Wiring
3. Insulation Insulation Inspection
4. Exterior & Weather Protection Roof Waterproofing Inspection
Decking Waterproofing Inspection
Exterior Lath Inspection
Interior Lath Inspection
5. Final & Occupancy Inspection Final Electrical Inspection
Final Low Voltage Wiring Inspection
Final Plumbing Inspection
Final Mechanical Inspection (HVAC)
Final Inspection (Occupancy)


Site Civil Horizontal Inspections

The Site Civil Horizontal Inspections are generally broken down as follows:

Inspection NumberGeneral Inspections Performed
1. Erosion and Sediment Control Approved E&S control plans available
Condition of public streets - clean & free of debris and sediment
Perimeter conditiond & controls - installation & maintenance.
Non - perimeter controls - stabilization of disturbed areas, silt fences, sediment traps & basins surface water movement, storm sewer inlets and outfalls, steep sloped, stockpile protection, dust control, utility trenches stream crossing and wetlands protection.
2. Water Distribution Pipeline plans & specs available
Trenching and backfilling
Pipeline Installation
3. Storm Water BMP Control structures 
4. Storm Sewer Pipeline plans & specs available
Trenching and backfilling
Pipeline Installation
5. Sanitary Sewer Pipeline plans & specs available 
Trenching and backfilling
Pipeline Installation
6. Street / Roadway Construction Street surfacing plans and specs available
Street sub-grade & base
Asphalt pavement
Concrete pavement & construction
Traffic control
7. Earthworks Grading & earthwork plans & specs available
Clearing, grubbing, demolition & stockpiling
Rough & finish grading
Structural fills & soil stabilization
Building site grading
8. Final Inspection As-Built/Bond Release S & E controls
Underground pipelines
Streets / roadways
Dry utilities

IBTS Regional Offices and Military Housing Sites

Regional OfficeLocation
Herndon, VA Headquarters
Bossier City, LA Louisiana IBTS North
Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana IBTS South
Washington, DC District of Columbia IBTS
Bellevue, WA Northwest
Ephrata, PA Northeast
Columbia, MD Northeast
Midway, GA Southeast
Ellabell, GA Southeast
Dunedin, FL Southeast
Arlington, TX Midwest
McMinnville, OR West Coast
Military Housing SiteUnits
NSB New London, CT 773
MacDill AFB, FL 331
Fort Benning, GA 3984
Hunter AAF, GA 452
Fort Stewart, GA 1127
Chicago – Great Lakes, IL 690
Fort Leavenworth, KS 1299
Andrews AFB, MD 416
NAS Patuxent, MD 170
Fort Detrick, MD 166
NMC Walter Reed, MD 50
USNA Annapolis, MD 62
Military Housing SiteUnits
Indian Head, MD 155
NAS Brunswick, ME 20
NSY Portsmouth, ME 6
Offutt AFB, NE 484
Fort Earle, NJ 22
NES Lakehurst, NJ 20
Mitchel Complex, NY 298
Fort Hamilton, NY 100
NSU Saratoga, NY 50
NS Newport, RI 113
NSA Millington, TN 131
Fort Belvoir, VA 1807
Military Housing SiteUnits
MCB Quantico, VA 1143
NSG Northwest, VA 80
Camp Allen, VA 942
Fort Eustis, VA 448
NAS Oceana, VA 46
NWS Yorktown, VA 88
Camp Elmore, VA 123
Fort Story, VA 201
NAB Little Creek, VA 258
NS Norfolk, VA 52
Navy Off-Base - Norfolk, VA 384
Newport News, VA 134


Building Department Services

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Community Development

Compliance Risk Monitoring

Construction Management

Disaster Management

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Energy and Sustainability

Facilities Program Management

Flood Plain Management

Housing Authority Inspections and Assessments

Independent Verification and Validation

Information Services

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Military Construction, GSA, and Public / Private Ventures

Quality Assurance

Services in the Public Good

Solar Quality Assurance


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