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Commonwealth of Virginia

[IBTS] is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) government organization that has been founded by the Department of General Services on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to be a governmental source of building official services. Therefore, IBTS is eligible to provide services to our Agency without going through a competitive procurement process.

William C. Shelton, Director, Department of Housing and Community Development


The [IBTS] Instructor's knowledge of the subject matter taught in class was very good. His understanding of the 'Hows' and 'Whys' of the Federal Program enabled him to answer questions in detail and with good, logical explanation.

Curtis McIver, Department of Housing and Community Development


State of Louisiana

Department of Public Safety
It has been astonishing to see IBTS mobilize over 80 Building Code Professionals into the 11 effected parish areas in such a short period of time. The response and feedback that we have received has been positive and with the highest marks related to professional management, service, knowledge and expertise of your staff. The vast majority of our local officials have communicated that they would never have been able to provide the needed services with their existing resources. IBTS has been able to win the support of local building officials while allowing each governmental agency to retain their autonomy and administration. Attitudes have been transformed concerning the pursuit of professional certifications, as well as membership in local building associations to enhance participants' development. IBTS has been the shining star among providers.

Jill Boudreaux, Acting Undersecretary, Department of Public Safety, State of Louisiana


Louisiana Police Jury Association
IBTS met with our members, assessed their immediate needs and hit the ground running. Their association with NACo and expertise of building code issues allowed our parishes to begin the long process of rebuilding, and establish a defined building code office that will benefit our state for years to come.

Roland Dartez, Executive Director of the Louisiana Police Jury Association


Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council (LSUCCC)
I am writing this email to give my wholehearted endorsement to IBTS to handle any program associated with construction and building codes in Louisiana. IBTS supplied certified inspectors and plan reviewers to Louisiana in its largest hour of need, immediately after Katrina and Rita. Their employees were professional and knowledgeable. Their leadership always delivered timely on promises, and they were a huge part of the success of implementing enforced building codes as quickly as the state accomplished. I would not hesitate to call on IBTS to assist in any programs in the recovery of our state. They are organized and more importantly they genuinely care about our citizens. They have treated all the victims of the storms with dignity and respect and understand the importance of timely delivery of services to traumatized victims of our disasters. I am available for questions concerning their performance in any of the programs they participated in. These programs included: supplying certified code officials, training, opening regional retail third party provider code offices, and facilitating studies into code office software for the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council.

Randy Noel, Chairman, LSUCCC


District of Columbia

I would like to take this time to express my sincere thanks to IBTS for the inspection services your staff has provided in the last several months. It has been a pleasure to have IBTS personnel assisting the District of Columbia Department of Community and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). By providing qualified, professional, certified inspectors to the DCRA, IBTS was able to fill a manpower gap during a critical rebuilding period of the District of Columbia's inspection function. We found the management team to be very professional, responsive and cooperative when it came to filling our inspection needs.

IBTS clearly understood the District's critical mission and need of providing reliable inspection services while delivering inspectors that were equipped and prepared to conduct inspections as soon as they could be assigned. The work these inspectors completed met the highest of professional standards. They are to be commended for their efforts. Most of these inspectors came from out of state, and they were immediately able to become familiar and acclimated to the District and to the Department's procedures and processes. The IBTS team exhibited a show of adaptability and dynamic flexibility which the Department and District building community really appreciated. Their transition to the tasks at hand was seamless and resulted in the completion of over 1,500 inspections in all inspection disciplines ranging from building construction inspections to special assignment site assessments.

As necessary, the Department looks forward to being able to utilize IBTS to fulfill any future inspection or administrative needs. Your staff's overall responsiveness and professional approach to providing services is outstanding and meets the highest of expectations. Again thank you for your services and assistance.

Donald Masoero, CBO/ICA, Chief Building Inspector, DCRA


Your staff and inspectors have been very helpful to us... We are thankful that you have our best interests at heart in holding the general contractors to these high standards.

Roy Dwarka, ERCDC Senior Project Manager


Please allow me to comment on the services provided by IBTS to the District of Columbia under the Housing Quality Standards Inspection Contract. Your company's performance enabled DCHA to complete its annual inspections of housing units under the Housing Choice Voucher Program on schedule, and without IBTS, we would not have made those deadlines.

In particular, your efforts resulted in the recruiting, training and use of Housing Authority Residents to conduct all inspections. IBTS developed a Web-based system within 30 days to manage the project, delivering the reports to the agency via the Web. This system provided the current, up-to-the-minute status of all inspections during the entire inspection process. It contained a chronological collection of all correspondence and reports.

IBTS was able to handle an increased workload on short notice when additional inspections were requested. This resulted in the completion of over 1600 inspections in a three-month period. IBTS developed a Project Operations Manual to establish necessary work procedures to ensure uniform quality work. Your management team maintained excellent communications and coordinated its efforts with the Housing Authority.

I would like to thank IBTS for its professional management and technical expertise.

Lisa Dean, Director Administrative Services/Contracting Officer, District of Columbia Housing Authority


California Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

I am writing this letter in appreciation of the training that IBTS has provided to the HCD field inspection staff. HCD's field staff consists of 52 inspectors, investigators and supervisors that certify manufactured home installations , alterations and perform investigations of licensed dealers and salespersons.

The IBTS training consisted of a comprehensive two-day training course providing insight into the Federal laws, regulations and construction standards for manufactured homes that was very well received by all in attendance. I appreciate and thank you for the professionalism and technical expertise you brought to this training, and hope that we can continue to work together in future projects.

Richard Weinert, Codes & Standards Administrator II, California DHCD


Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety

The State of Arizona's Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety would like to thank you for your recent visit. All of the employees who were involved in the audit found the visit from Elizabeth Cocke, Ken Abel and [Howard Weissman] to be very beneficial. The training and constructive criticism you provided us with was extremely beneficial and your collective wisdom helped us to bridge our educational transition. I would strongly urge any other state to take advantage of your expertise and experience.

The group study case reviews at Laurel Creek were very enlightening and will help us educate the manufacturers so that we all improve as we continue to develop our relationships throughout the industry and with HUD.

Robert Barger, Director, Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety

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