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East Feliciana, LA

IBTS helped us build our building department from the foundation up, and educated our contractors and citizens on the importance of building code implementation in enhancing economic development and promoting public safety. IBTS's professionalism, dedication, experience and personal attention to our needs has helped propel our parish to the new standards of safety in Louisiana. IBTS has helped us create the best building department in the state of Louisiana.

Olin Stubb, Building Official, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana



Washington Parish, LA

Please allow me this opportunity to commend IBTS and their exemplary job performance in Washington Parish. The transition to the new uniform building code and permitting process has been very smooth and handled with professionalism with minimum problems. During this process, IBTS has been able to gain the support of the local officials and allowed us to retain our authority and administration. Simply put, IBTS has provided solid service and is a shining star in rebuilding Louisiana's future.

M. E. "Toye" Taylor, Washington Parish



City of Falls Church, VA

IBTS provides an important service to local jurisdictions. Particularly in times of rapid economic growth. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the IBTS staff, and their helpfulness and flexibility in dealing with my staffing needs and deadlines.

Doug Fraser, RA, CBO, Building Official, City of Falls Church



City of Reading, PA

I would like to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with delivery of customized International Residential Code 2003 training on October 27 and 28, 2005 for our Code Services Staff. The subject matter was very appropriate along with organized handouts and electrical/plumbing trade displays. The instructors were very helpful to answer the specific questions from all participants. Mr. Paul Hancher did an excellent job in helping participants understand basic electrical and plumbing devices & fixtures and underlying principles for their operation. Mr. William King did a great job in helping participants understand basic structural principles and building planning parameters. The codes staff has expressed desire to continue participation in this type of training in future. To summarize, I will conclude to say "JOB WELL DONE" .

Jatinder Singh Khokhar, CBO, Director, Office of Code Services, City of Reading



Rapides Area Planning Commission

To watch our plan go from pen and paper, to fully (and effectively) operating in our regional area has been a wonderful experience and a great ride so far. We could not have gotten to this point without your aid and guidance.

Matt Johns, Director of Operations, Rapides Area Planning Commission, Louisiana



South Central Planning and Development Commission

It is with great appreciation to IBTS that we have become fully certified in the residential disciplines. We would like to express a great amount of appreciation to Mr. Geoffrey Large, who did a tremendous job in helping to train our inspectors. Thanks to Mr. Large, we believe we are leaders in state when it comes to certification success. Again, I would like to personally thank you and IBTS for helping us exceed our development expectations.

Kevin Belanger, CEO, South Central Planning & Development Commission, Louisiana



Bossier Parish, LA

The Bossier Parish Assessor's Office has worked with Greg Blount and the Bossier division of IBTS for more than a year now. I recommend their services without hesitation.

The entire staff at IBTS has been very responsive to our changing needs as we continue to develop the permitting process in Bossier Parish. The vast range of services they have provided to us includes, but is not limited to helping to write ordinances, administering the program, providing timely plan reviews and inspections and responding to the calls and needs from citizens.

I commend IBTS for their outstanding work ethics and high standards. And I feel that their services would be an asset to any organization.

Michelle K. Rodgers, CLDA, Chief Deputy Assessor, Bossier Parish, LA



Jackson Parish Police Jury, LA

I have had the pleasure of working with IBTS for the past couple of years. IBTS is a company that is reputable and has a proven record of consistently providing quality service on a local, state, and national basis. This company has a well-disciplined staff of experienced engineers and technicians who are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. It is my pleasure to recommend IBTS, who has proven to be a reliable company that focuses on providing building services that exceed their client's expectations.

Gerald O'Haver, Certified Building Official, Jackson Parish Police Jury, LA



Webster Parish Police Jury, LA

The Webster Parish Police Jury contracted with IBTS to administer the Parish's Building Code Department in January 2008. We began working with the IBTS staff in 2006 to set up necessary Ordinances, Intergovernmental Agreements with local municipalities, and secure grant funding for our newly organized Building Department. As of January 1, 2007, the State of Louisiana implemented the LA Unified Building Code; prior to this, Webster Parish had no formal building department and were ill equipped to implement a department. IBTS literally took us by the hand and led my Jury and Staff through the process to organize an efficient department, including securing funding for this department. IBTS will help with administrative details, plan reviews, inspections and assistance in working with the local contractors, builders, lending agents and others in the construction industry. Here in North Louisiana IBTS has implemented a Building Code Department that is uniform through multiple parishes that adjoin the I-20 corridor.

I would like to recommend the IBTS company as well as the qualified staff members to you.

Ronda C. Carnahan, Secretary-Treasurer, Webster Parish Police Jury

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